Faith Bible Church, Spokane, WA

What Does The Bible Say About Emotions?

March 24 - 25, 2017



Alasdair Groves

Alasdair Groves directs CCEF New England and is a faculty member at CCEF, where he currently serves as the Director of the School of Biblical Counseling. He received his Master of Divinity in counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary. Alasdair has served on the staff of several churches and has a background in campus ministry. He writes for the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and regularly teaches a variety of seminars around the New England region. Alasdair and his wife, Lauren, have three young children. Alasdair is a fiction enthusiast, plays ultimate frisbee, and loves to produce and enjoy both good food and good music.

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General Sessions:

Feeling Bad about Feeling Bad? Redeeming "Negative" Emotions.

Why Do I Feel How I Feel? Understanding Your Emotions.

What Do I Do with My Feelings? Engaging Your Emotions.

Q&A Time


Breakout Sessions:

Understanding and Responding to Manipulators  

Resting on the Pillow of Peace...The Sovereignty of God in Biblical Counseling       

The Dynamics of Temptation


Counseling and Unbelief

Contentment in Christ  

Is There a Pill For That? Medications and Emotions

Can I Ever Get Over These Painful Memories?

Helping Others Battle Pornography        

Counseling Younger Children


 The Bible gives a surprising take on our emotions: because we are created in God’s image, we are made to respond from the depths of our heart to his creation, as He does. 




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